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Faith Senior Consulting Services

Are you feeling
overwhelmed by trying to do it all yourself?

We are here so you don't have to walk this road alone.
Options for you

Faith Senior Consulting Services is here to be a resource for families that are feeling overwhelmed with the demands of caring for their elderly loved one. It's difficult to know where to begin in the journey and who can be trusted. Our staff is distinctly seasoned in senior healthcare with more than 30 years of experience. Our goal is to treat your family the way we would want our own family treated.

We have created a network of trusted, vetted, and experienced companies, people, and trades. We are a wealth of knowledge and resources to you and your family throughout the relocation process. We will help to protect, advocate, and educate you and your loved ones to empower you to make the best decisions possible.

Allow us to sit down with you, and hear the challenges you're facing. We have consultations available to make a comprehensive plan to fit each families diverse needs. Let us know how we can best serve you and your loved one.

We understand that life can be difficult. The stress, anxiety, and fear of where to begin the process can be overwhelming. We offer consulting to families to help protect, advocate, and educate them, to make the best decisions possible.

Our consultations begin at 60 minutes for an assessment of needs. We also offer a 90 and 120 minute consultation to thoroughly meet more of the complex needs. Whichever consultation you decide upon, we want to exceed your goals and expectations. After our needs assessment is completed, we will make referrals to services on your behalf.

To schedule a  consultation or for more details, give us a call at 316-202-8641 or email us here.

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